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Ingredient Spotlight: A. H. A.

05 July 2019

Also known as Alpha Hydroxy Acid, AHAs work surfacely to speed up the skin's natural shedding process.

AHAs breaks down dead skin cells and promote cell turnover. Simply, it is a natural acid that exfoliates the skin chemically.

The magic is in the blood flow. AHAs promote blood flow to the surface of the skin and where there is blood flow there is regeneration. New cells, means new skin!

Normal exfoliants use ingredients that cause microtears in the skin, but through a liquid exfoliant like AHA’s your delicate skin is kept in tact. This natural acid exfoliant is derived from grapes, almonds and sugar cane. (This is a big tick from us, all natural ingredients are our specialty.) Our AHA's are derived from berries, hence the vibrant colour of the Infiniti Beauty fluids.

Applying AHA’s to your skin only at night is our recommendation. Sun exposure directly after applying AHA’s can be damaging as your skin is vulnerable. AHA’s are amongst the most-researched beauty ingredients because of their strong effects. So, if you have a pre-existing skin concern talk to your dermatologist before using AHAs.

Here are the Seven Natural Wonders (for your skin) from AHA’s:

1. Nourishes dry skin
AHA’s are made up of molecules that love water. The moisture content in your skin will be improved by lathering on the AHA’s.

2. Reduces pigmentation
Powerful AHA’s fade sunspots, age related pigment and hyperpigmentation through the process of blood flow. With blood flowing at the surface of the skin, it promotes healing through cell regeneration.

3. Brightens skin
Glowing skin sold our team on AHA’s. Skin is visibly brighter after AHA’s have been applied because of the natural exfoliation process. Say goodbye to dead skin and hello to a radiant complexion!

4. Promotes collagen production
The word collagen is used quite a lot in the beauty world. To sum it up collagen is a protein that holds the body together by promoting skin strength and elasticity. As we age, collagen production decreases due to factors such as sun exposure. More collagen leads to revitalised younger looking skin.

5. Aids in product absorption
Thanks to AHA’s your skin has been prepped, primed and ready for your serums and moisturisers. These products are far more effective on the skin because of the proper exfoliation process of AHAs.

6. Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
AHAs firm the skin and blur fine lines. The increase in cell turnover slows down the ageing process. Collagen is used in AHAs to strengthen our skin and reinstate elasticity.

7. Heals and prevents acne
AHAs remove dead skin cells helping to keep pores clear. Having clean pores keeps breakouts at bay.

If you are sold on the benefits of AHAs like we are, check out our Beauty Fluids with Natural AHAs. We highly recommend it!

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